Hybrid photovoltaic power plants

We offer two variants of domestic hybrid photovoltaic power plants, single-phase SC5.5 and three-phase SC10. The capacity of the integrated lithium LiFePo4 battery is 4.8 to 19.2 kWh. It is possible to connect several systems into one with a power of up to 60 kW and a battery capacity of up to 210 kWh. For industrial applications, we offer SC10k with capacities above 30 to 100 kW with storage of 30 to 400 kWh.

Airsun SC10

Nominal Power



Rated AC grid

3p N 400V 50Hz

Maximum output current



Maximum PV power



Airsun SC5.5

Nominal Power



Rated AC grid

1p 230V 50Hz

Maximum output current



Maximum PV power



Airsun SC10k

Nominal Power



Rated AC grid

3p 230V 50Hz

Maximum output current



Maximum PV power



There are many reasons why…


Connecting to an electric car

The control integrates the charging of electric vehicles, so it is possible to select the charging method from the same user environment, for example from the surplus, or even prefer charging over running the heat pump or other selected appliance.


Security even during unexpected events

Inside the system there is an automatic interlocking machine. In the event of an emergency, the house is not dependent on one device, but is automatically bridged to the mains supply. The system attempts to start itself and thus the back-up automatic switches back to its original position without the need for user intervention. In case of critical events, the system will notify the service via remote management, but during this time it does not bother the user with its failure.


Everything is certified and included in subsidy programs

The power elements, i.e. the inverters, are certified by a German laboratory and meet the conditions for connection to the power grid anywhere in European countries. The Czech distribution network has its own conditions that these devices meet. The entire system with the substation is then re-certified by a Czech testing laboratory for conformity assessment as a whole.


We measure exactly how much we can produce from the sun

Not only do we place panels on the roof, but in some cases we also place a calibrated sensor that measures solar radiation. That way, if the battery is full and the appliance is running low, the system knows it can get more out of the sun. This can affect the SunnyCold heat pump, switch on other appliances, or start selling electricity to the grid.


The device uses full hybrid inverters

The inverter, which is directly designed for this purpose, freely combines the available energy sources, can supply both battery and solar panels at the same time. There is no switching between the different sources of electricity, but rather a seamless combination of these sources as required. This behaviour does not restrict the user in any way.


Lifetime software updates

The facility receives updates that respond to the latest trends in self-sufficiency and self-energy production.


Free remote monitoring

It enables extended warranties, continuous optimization to the measurements of each installation and timely response to service intervention.


Superior battery care

We do not only check the battery voltage status, the system monitors its condition in the long term. According to the status, it then optimizes the depth of discharge and, if necessary, prioritizes the battery and recharges it so that it still serves as a backup in the event of an outage. During the winter months, the depth of discharge is therefore reduced so that the capacity is still sufficient to store the surplus and the battery remains in good condition. As the sunny days arrive, the depth of discharge is slowly increased so that the batteries are fully utilised.


Full integration with SunnyCold heat pump

Control is continuous thanks to digital communication and inverter pump technology. It is therefore not just a matter of switching on or off a heat source or an electrical appliance.


Unified user interface, ability to monitor current performance and other indicators

The user manages the systems in one interface. On request, we will create an account for you to access your device from anywhere in the world


We use proven maintenance-free, long-life batteries

The chosen LeadCarbon battery technology combines proven and affordable lead-acid battery technology with conditions and cycle rates suitable for use in photovoltaic systems. In systems with a Lithium battery, we choose LiFePo4 technology, which offers twice the lifetime o versus a LeadCarbon battery.


Everything you need is in one device, clean installation

Nowhere are additional switchboards associated with PV panel protection, surge arresters, battery protection and solar inverter protection being added. Everything is included in one product.


The whole house is backed up, not just selected appliances

Because of the large current that can flow from the grid to the appliances, we are able to put a hybrid power plant in front of the whole house. This way, everything is backed up in the event of a grid failure and the electricity generated can be consumed anywhere. In the event of a prolonged grid failure, the hungriest appliances can be disconnected, in the case of SunnyCold heat pumps everything is ensured by digital communication between the products.

Examples of realisations

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