We create products for energy independence

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Hybrid photovoltaic power plants

If you are using a grid-connected PV plant, you are probably returning a lot of unused energy back to the grid. Especially if you're not at home during the day. That may not always be worthwhile in today's fast-changing energy market. That's why we've created a hybrid photovoltaic power plant system where you store the energy you produce in batteries and use it when the sun isn't shining.

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Heat pumps

We offer our heat pumps in combination with a photovoltaic power plant or separately. In our range you will find air-to-water heat pumps with outputs from 6 to 28kW. Take a look at our complete range. Depending on your specific needs, we will design a tailor-made performance.

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With battery and plug-in hybrid cars combined with a home photovoltaic power plant, self-sufficiency can be taken to the next level; these cars can be charged from regular sockets or smart wall-boxes." Then bold the sentence "You can also charge your own generated electricity, which will keep transportation costs to a minimum." Followed by a sentence that will not be bolded "Electric mobility is the inevitable future of transport and appropriate preparations can be made now." and a "Learn more" button to a new category, a page that will also be accessible from the main menu, called "Electromobility

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Live data from our 376 online systems

33 925 GW

Solar radiation falling on the Czech Republic

4 kW

The average power plant now produces

1,3 kW

At the moment, the average household consumes

31,6 °C

Current outdoor temperature in the Czech Republic

0,2 kW

Heat is now produced by CHP in the average household

99 %

Households are currently supplied with electricity purely from their own production

96 %

Availability of the distribution network

16 % / 2 %

Pump heats the water / Pump heats the house

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