SunnyCold offers an AC charging station for your electric cars equipped with two sockets with a maximum charging power of 22kW on each of them. The charging station comes with one 5m cable and the other outlet is a plug socket. All in a modern and compact design.


Nominal power

2x 22


Charging type


Number of charging points




Cable length


There are many reasons why…


Continuous control with an emphasis on savings

Digital communication with the photovoltaic power plant ensures regulation of charging power according to user requirements. From surplus, priority, according to the main circuit breaker power, all this can be selected in the user application.


Powerful dual output

The output is selected to be 22kW for each output separately, so you will not be limited by the charger if the car allows such power. Even so, the charger is digitally controlled and will ensure that the load on the house wiring is not exceeded or the power draw over the main circuit breaker is not exceeded.


Free remote monitoring

It allows for extended warranties, continuous optimization to the measurements of each installation. On request, we will create an account for you to access your installation from anywhere in the world.


Lifetime software updates

The equipment receives updates that respond to the latest trends in energy use.


Everything is certified

It is a Czech product, tested by Czech testing laboratories according to our European standards

Examples of realisations

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To download

Electric car AC charging datasheet

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